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Напольный насос Silca Pista Plus
  • Напольный насос Silca Pista Plus

    Насос Silca Pista PLUS бы выпущен в 1962 году и с тех является самым продаваемым напольным насосом  performance features and components that have made it our top-selling floor pump since it was launched in 1962, plus a few new design innovations that cyclists will cherish.

    Who's it for?

    The passionate cyclist that is looking for the same great performance from our PISTA FLOOR PUMP combined with the greater stability of our SUPERPISTA ULTIMATE FLOOR PUMP.


    PISTA PLUS is a floor pump that’s built to outlast the rest of your cycling equipment. The durable steel barrel, 3mm-thick leather plunger piston design, combined with our proprietary brass air bridge and check-valve assembly ensure unrivaled longevity. The smaller-diameter barrel matched with the superior pumping efficiency of our classic 28mm 731 model Italian leather plunger washer and self-lubricating linear bearings means that PISTA PLUS is capable of easily reaching pressures up to 220 PSI. PISTA PLUS features a three-footed aluminum base and full-size lathe-turned Ash handle. The chuck dock on PISTA PLUS secures the chuck at the Schrader chuck allowing the rider to swap the standard chuck out for our HIRO chuck or Disc Wheel Adapter while retaining the ability to secure the hose to the pump.  The large 64mm gauge is accurate to 2% and features a high contrast face design.

    • Спецификация:

      • Durable, high-strength steel barrel
      • Full-size lathe-turned Ash wood handle with hose guide
      • High-efficiency SILCA leather plunger piston design
      • Brass air bridge and check-valve assembly
      • 2% Accurate, heavy-duty 2.5” (64mm) gauge rated to 220PSI
      • Integrated Schrader chuck plus thread-on alloy Presta chuck with Bleeder valve
    22 400,00 ₽Цена
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