• Карбоновые колёса под дисковый тормоз Mavic COSMIC PRO CARBON UST DISC

    Lightweight, aero and tubeless UST carbon rim is built for speed.

    45mm NACA inspired rim shape minimizes drag for added speed. 
    Reduced inertia of the lightweight rim delivers instant acceleration. 
    Mavic Road UST improves rolling efficiency.


    Experience versatile performance for all road riding conditions.

    Ideal balance of low aerodynamic drag, low inertia and high lateral stiffness makes it fast and efficient on all types of terrain, from the flats to mountain climbs.


    Highest performance without compromise.

    Best-in-class tire grip thanks to UST and 11Storm compound.
    High flat protection thanks to UST and easy on-the-road tire repair.
    Optimized spoke count, lacing and hub compatibility for use with disc brakes.

      110 000,00 ₽Цена
      Москва, Крылатская 10
      Москва, Крылатская 10
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